Create a Modern Sales Culture™

Does your sales team have a passion for selling? Do your leaders know how to ignite that passion? The ability to inspire your sales team is a skill – and not one that necessarily comes innately. Learn how to build and promote a winning high-performance sales culture and ensure your success.

Demonstrate the behavior you wish to inspire. Creating a modern high-performance sales culture takes a certain level of finesse and skill that is often learned through trial and error.

With the right tools and sales culture training, however, you can now leapfrog over your competition and motivate your team to deliver consistently high levels of activity. By learning how to harness their raw talent and how to blend accountability with team pride, you will be able to drive results and take your team to the next level.

Learn How To:
  • Drive activity at every stage of the sales funnel.
  • Arm your team with the courage they need to ask prospects and customers the hard questions.
  • Inspire reps to own and shatter their goals.
  • Optimize your team’s time and calendar.
  • Get high-quality work and results when you are not in the room.
Suggested Attendees:
  • Team Leads
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Director
  • VP of Sales
  • Chief Revenue/Sales Officer
  • Business Development Leader

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HOFFMAN inspires me to see things through a different lens and make immediate changes that bring my team to the next level.”

- Joe Flynn, Director of Sales, Akamai Technologies

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