The Perfect Meeting®

How do you convey why an executive needs and wants your product? Learn how to uncover buying signals and motivation by restructuring your sales meetings and arming yourself with the right vocabulary and questions to advance the deal.

Skillfully managing the moment is the way to convert a sales prospect into a buyer. However, reps have a tendency to “wing it” or rely on their own story when in sales meetings. Through this module you will acquire superior presentation skills designed to facilitate executive-level conversation.

By focusing on the structure of the meeting or call and on specific words and actions, you will quickly be able to frame the opportunity, qualify your buyers, and handle objections.

Learn How To:
  • Organize and structure your sales calls and meetings to manage them effectively.
  • Identify the prospect’s pain, pleasure or motivation by avoiding scripts and leveraging persuasive language.
  • Establish urgency early in the sales process.
  • Overcome mid-funnel and product-specific sales objections.
  • Own the clock and agenda by effectively preparing for meetings.
  • Use “open,” “closed” and “discomfort” questions to advance the deal.
In-Class Exercises:
  • Craft a “pre-flight” checklist for all meetings.
  • Build a set of questions for each portion of the sales meeting.
  • Role-play meeting introductions, lines of questioning and closing.
Suggested Attendees: 
  • Inside Sales
  • Direct Sales
  • Channel Sales Reps
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • National Accounts

This module has a HOFFMAN Lab component with a live phone session. This particular offering goes deeper on practical application and gets your reps on the phones executing our technique live with real-time coaching and feedback from our team. Leaders can expect 1-2 calls per rep depending on the size of the team and the accounts you are targeting.

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