The Secret to the Endless Cycle®

What are you doing to leverage your single greatest source of business? Learn how to engage gracefully with your existing buyers and convert references into lead generators with leading industry customer referral ideas every sales person can implement.

The close is not the end of our process. In fact, it’s often the beginning. Your current customers are the lifeblood of your company, and your ability to tap into this resource is the focus of our final discipline. By converting customers into lead generators, you will crush your quota, avoid churn, and rewrite records.

This program is perfect for anyone in a customer-facing role. Account managers, customer service reps, business development staff, traditional sales reps, and even marketers will benefit from acquiring these valuable customer referral skills.

Learn How To:
  • Get higher and wider in your accounts by engaging with cold-customers.
  • Understand buying as a habit.
  • Turn every customer conversation into a referral, upsell, or cross-sell conversation.
  • Handle customer requests and questions around product features, pricing changes, and terms.
  • Stay engaged with your network.
  • Easily evaluate the health of the account and churn risk.
  • Close your customers for what you want.
In-Class Exercise:
  • Build a custom Scorecard® for your existing customer base to evaluate the health of the account.
  • Role-play upsell, cross-sell, and referral conversations.
Suggested Attendees:
  • Direct Sales
  • Business Development
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Success
  • All customer-facing roles

This module has a HOFFMAN Lab component with a live phone session. This particular offering goes deeper on practical application and gets your reps on the phones executing our technique, with real-time coaching and feedback from our team. Leaders can expect 4-6 calls per rep depending on the size of the team and the accounts you are targeting.

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HOFFMAN is a game changer for my team. We have revolutionized the way we run renewal meetings and are more proactive with existing customers, which means a higher renewal rate and lower churn.”

- David Peisach, Vice President of Account Management, Definitive Healthcare

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