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Is your team being led to reach its full potential? Drive the activity and results you want by developing and measuring accurate performance and revenue targets. Our approach provides step-by-step instructions to consistently deliver accurate numbers. 


Driving activity and results on a consistent basis is key to the success of your sales organization. Doing so involves a measured approach to leadership where you are driving accountability and empowering the individuals on your team to your own number. By creating the right language, process, and environment for measuring KPIs, your team will be inspire to move their prospects through the funnel faster than ever before. 

Learn How To:
  • Determine and track individual goals. 
  • Establish the right cadence and feedback loops to measure results. 
  • Run an effective pipeline review. 
  • Drive activity at every stage of the sales funnel 
Suggested Attendees:
  • Team Lead
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Director 
  • VP of Sales
  • Chief Revenue/ Sales Officer
  • Business Development Officer

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HOFFMAN delivers experience-driven selling expertise without the sugar-coated speculation.”

- Rob Ciampa, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Pixability

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