The Winning Call®

They answered your call! Now what? The secret to directly engaging with your prospects is to generate interest and curiosity. In this sales training program, you will hone your pitch and line of questioning to convert cold leads into hot ones with our proven sales qualification techniques.

The first call is the most critical in sales. But more often than not, reps rely on a canned message and a stream of questions that prospects see as self-serving. Stand out from the noise by gaining early engagement and generating genuine interest and curiosity.

Learn how to maximize the impact of your words and questions when time is at a premium. During this sales training, you will master the skills necessary to attract and sustain the interest of your target audience.

Learn How To:
  • Determine the right language and vocabulary to use while prospecting.
  • Build instant connections through the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  • Craft an elevator pitch designed to capture attention and pique interest.
  • Create an organic line of questioning based on early qualification criteria.
  • Handle early objections and responses (102).
  • Develop and implement early closes.
In-Class Exercises:
  • Craft and test a compelling and unique elevator pitch.
  • Role-play communication with prospects.
  • Live cold-calling to prospects and customers.
Suggested Attendees: 
  • Business Development Teams
  • Sales Development Teams
  • Inside Sales
  • Direct Sales

This module has a HOFFMAN Lab component with a live call session. This particular offering goes deeper on phone techniques and gets your reps on the phones executing our technique, live with real-time coaching and feedback from our team.

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HOFFMAN gave my team the right tools, control and confidence needed to initiate conversations and move deals toward the result we want.”

- Brent Jones, Program Manager Sales Training & Enablement, PureStorage

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