Take your sales skills to the next level.

When it comes to sales, activity is key. HOFFMAN Labs gives your sales team the opportunity to try and apply new techniques with real-time coaching from our trainers. From cold calling your top prospects to negotiating deals deep in your pipeline, the Lab component of our training arms your team with the support and confidence they need to execute.

We focus on the how not the why.

With seven different sales training modules each one mapping back to a specific stage of the sales funnel, our trainings favor method over theory. This allows us to go super deep at any given point in a deal and arm your team with the tools, tactics, and techniques they need to be successful.

HOFFMAN Labs is a sure-fire way to put these techniques into practice and ensure mastery along the way.

By adding in a live-lab to your training, attendees will have the opportunity to practice what we preach with prospects and clients alike. See activity and results like you have never seen before.

Sample Agenda: Prospect. Why You? Why You Now?®

Day One
9:00- Introduction to AIDA
10:00- Shifting the Social Paradigm
10:45- Leveraging email: How to capture someones attention via email
12:00- Lunch
1:00- In class exercise: Email writing and review
2:00- Transitioning to the phone: Gatekeepers and early objections
3:45- Cadence and touchpoint models
4:30- Q&A and wrap up

Day Two
9:00- Review: Cold calling best practices
10:00- HOFFMAN Lab: Round-Robin Dialing: Each rep to call 5-10 prospects
12:00- Q&A and wrap up

“The biggest enemy we have in sales is time. Selling is about inspiring urgency where none exists”

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Simply put, HOFFMAN’s approach to prospecting and creatively starting conversations within the C-level ranks is unparalleled.”

- Eric Steele, Business Development, Forrester Research

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