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Own the Deal™

Sales training that transforms today’s reps into tomorrow’s Closers.

Time kills all deals.
It shouldn’t kill all sales training.

From sending an email, to closing a contract, the answer to your sales questions are always just moments away at Hoffman.

Get your sales hack in one minute. Exercise your sales technique in three. Practice your craft in thirty.

Created by our founder Jeff Hoffman, practiced at over a dozen top MBA programs around the world, and trusted by over 200,000 professionals just like you.

Sell Hoffman. How much time do you have?

In sales, we know that every minute counts.

That is why all of our award-content is presented to you in a variety of formats to support your sales training needs.
Anything, anytime, anywhere. You’re welcome.


1:00 minute

Got 1:00 minute?

“I hate getting useful content in 60 seconds!” – No One, Ever.

Sometimes we only have a minute to make important decisions..  A customer ghosts us.  A new objection is raised.  A contract gets pushed.

  • Hoffman Hacks™ – Our exclusive library of hundreds of sales tips, delivered right to your phone. Blink and you’ll miss them.
  • Close It or Kill It™ Deal Reviews – Live reviews of actual deals selected directly from your team’s pipeline.  Real Closer stuff.
  • Scorecard™ – Your personal dashboard to expose any strengths or weaknesses in any deal.  Our killer app.

3:00 Minutes

Got 3:00 minutes?

Life is is not an event.  And neither is sales.

The evolution of a deal can often be measured within a series of moments.  So let’s get you ready for each of them.  Fast.  Real.  Tactical.  Funny.  What else would a Closer expect from Hoffman?


  • Hoffman Hits™ – Three minute video summaries of every Hoffman class for learning when time is at a premium.          Our “special sauce.”
  • Coffee with Closers™ – Live access to Jeff and CeCe as they share daily techniques to support every level of your craft.
  • The Closer Collection™ – The place where it all happens for you at Hoffman.  Unlimited access to every element of our content organized by practice, skill level, and application.

30:00 Minutes

Got 30:00 minutes?

Tired of staring at hours of joyless webinars of canned and useless content?  Us too.

Live-streamed in High Definition from our beautiful Closer Club Studios  outside of Boston, our jam-packed half hour content options are long enough for a deep dive, but short enough so you can still make it to your next meeting.


  • Live Classes – Weekly live streamed sales training on every sales topic imaginable.  No multi-class programs. Every class is a single topic.  And Jeff and CeCe host them all.
  • Tuesdays with Hoffman™ – Enjoy front-row seats to our wildly popular live web show where Jeff and CeCe explore the lighter side of all things sales.
  • 1:1 Coaching-  When you really want to get serious, enjoy the personal attention of our live coaching sessions.  Always available for later review within your Collection.

Private Classes

Private Classes

Yes, we know.  You’re a special snowflake.  (It’s OK.  So is Jeff.)

Our Private Classes option focuses on YOU as we customize any learning path for your entire organization.  Based on our entire library, and curated to both role and product. Because a “one size approach” doesn’t work for you.  Because it doesn’t work for anyone.  And it never works for Hoffman.


  • Private Classes and Labs – Your people.  Your agenda.  Want to build a certification program?  Transform your onboarding process?  Hoffman provides endless possibilities for any global sales enablement initiative.
  • Practice Areas – Align your content to specific job functions and sales stages. Ideal for teams with legacy methodologies, multi-functional teams, and non-traditional sales roles.
  • Hoffman Hallmark™ Series – Get your new hires started within minutes of signing their offer.  The perfect entry point for anyone new (or returning) to sales.

Our Annual Memberships

sell hoffman image

At Hoffman, you are a Member.  And we treat you like one.

So whether you’re looking for yourself or for your team, we have exactly what you need.  In the very minute you need it.

No more multi-day trainings, cringey bootcamps, or ineffective call scripts. This is a sales for the real world and the real human you are.

Closer Membership

Starting at $595 per Year

What you right need now (or 3 minutes from now.)

Our flagship Closer Membership awards you global access to:

  • Live weekly classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • 24-hr access to The Closer Collection™
  • Start, Work, Close, and Own the Deal™ practice areas
  • Skill and role specific classes
  • Weekly coaching with Jeff and CeCe
  • All class recordings
  • All Tuesdays with Hoffman™ recordings
  • Live deal reviews

Corporate License

Starting at $1495 per Member

Our complete sales training solution.

Our annual Corporate License awards your team global access to:

  • Private weekly classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • Private Library of all recordings
  • Lead the Deal™ management training 
  • Flexible licensing options
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • User logs and reporting
  • Private deal reviews with Jeff and CeCe
  • 100% Guaranteed Results in 60 Days

Upcoming Classes

Live streamed topics from every corner of the sales universe. The Art. The Science. The Psychology. New classes every week. Closers welcome.

Tuesdays with Hoffman

Every Tuesday at 1 PM ET

Sales shouldn’t be serious all of the time.  Enjoy a front row seat to the most popular live sales show on the web. Let’s hang out a bit.

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