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If you’re looking to master one slice of the sales funnel, the Student license will sharpen the area you need to improve. 

The Student license gives you access to:

  • Two live lectures
  • All course materials


Hone your craft at every step of the sales process with our Closer license. 

The Closer license gives you access to all three programs:

  • Start the Deal.™
  • Work the Deal.™
  • Close the Deal.™
  • All course materials
  • 8+ hours of training
  • Tuesdays with Hoffman recordings and priority access

Start the Deal.™

In this LIVE two-part program, you’ll learn to cut through the noise, build pipeline, and get the responses you’re looking for. You’ll also unlearn the mistakes holding you back. Our WYWYN® approach will transform the way you connect with prospects and customers.

Webinar I | LIVE

  • Get C-level responses in 30 seconds
  • Craft phone-friendly emails
  • Dodge the spam filter
  • Reframe outreach with Social Paradigms
  • Multi-thread accounts to keep deals hot
  • Inspire urgency through outreach

Webinar II | LIVE

  • Craft compelling voicemails that get a response
  • Manage inbound leads
  • Handle objections early
  • Expertly navigate gatekeepers and executive assistants
  • Boost response rates by strategically timing your outreach

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Who is this for?

  • BDRs
  • SDRs
  • Inside Sales Reps
  • Account Executives
  • Strategic Account Reps
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Analysts
  • Associates
  • Vice Presidents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
Smokeball start the deal

Whether you are in transactional sales or enterprise-level sales this training will work for you."

–Mike Renderman, Vice President of Sales, Smokeball

change one thingDitch the pix.

When you sit down to craft the perfect prospecting email, it’s almost certainly on a real computer – a laptop or a desktop.  But the person reading that message will most likely see it on their phone.  And if the first screenful doesn’t capture their interest…delete.

To get your emails through that first round of filtering, make sure the whole email – from greeting to signature – fits entirely on a mobile screen without scrolling.  This means no images, no header branding.  Just get to the point.  Then, once you have engagement from your prospect, you can make a richer, more detailed reading experience.

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