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March Why You? Why You Now?® Prospecting Workshop with Hoffman Mar 10, 2020Learn More

April SalesMBA™ Sales Management Training with Hoffman  Apr 14, 2020Learn More

October Why You? Why You Now?® Prospecting Workshop with Hoffman Oct 20, 2020Learn More

November Why You? Why You Now?® Prospecting Workshop with Hoffman Nov 10, 2020Learn More

What we do.

What We Do.

Our approach is one of a kind. We offer customized sales and management trainings built on proven techniques that are simple yet highly effective. Having worked with more than 25,000 sales professionals worldwide, we have honed in on the best practices at every stage of the sales funnel. Our trainings are engaging, empowering, and effective. Clients walk away with the confidence they need to implement successful strategies immediately, without overhauling their entire process.

Sales= Science + Art.

Sales is about being authentic, genuine, and present. Our corporate training and management programs challenge many of the preconceived notions we have about our jobs as sales reps. We don’t provide a methodology or a script – rather, we provide guidelines, tools, and strategies that empower each individual on your team to use his or her unique voice to engage effectively with prospects and customers.

Whether you are in transactional sales or enterprise level sales this training will work for you.”

- Mike Renderman, Vice President of Sales, Smokeball

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