Work the deal.™

The Perfect Meeting®


If you’re looking to master one slice of the sales funnel, the Student license will sharpen the area you need to improve. 

The Student license gives you access to:

  • Two live lectures
  • All course materials


Hone your craft at every step of the sales process with our Closer license. 

The Closer license gives you access to all three programs:

  • Start the Deal.™
  • Work the Deal.™
  • Close the Deal.™
  • All course materials
  • 8+ hours of training
  • Tuesdays with Hoffman recordings and priority access

Work the Deal.™

In this program, you’ll learn to frame opportunities, qualify buyers, and smoothly handle objections.

Build momentum mid-deal and advance opportunities with Social Paradigms that  sidestep negative buyer-seller dynamics. Focus on discovery and maintain control of every deal. 

Webinar I | LIVE

  • Leverage Social Paradigms™ to accelerate sales
  • Organize meetings to gather critical information in sequence
  • Craft a resonant pitch and close
  • Establish urgency early

Webinar II  | LIVE

  • Own every meeting’s agenda
  • Identify the prospect’s motivation
  • Use the most persuasive language
  • Overcome mid-funnel and product-specific objections
  • Manage deal “turbulence”

Who is this for?

  • Inside Sales Reps
  • Account Executives
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Account Reps
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Analysts
  • Associates
  • Vice Presidents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs
EdgeThink work the deal

HOFFMAN are the most dynamic trainers I’ve ever been around.”

–Michael Sadeghpour, Founder, edgeThink

change one thingListen for success.

When a prospective customer raises an objection, the natural reaction is to counter it.  DON’T.

An objection is not a bomb you can defuse by clipping the right wire. It’s the other person telling you they need to be heard.  The heart of sales is giving people what they need.  If the other person tells you they need to be heard, will you give them that opportunity?

If not, cross that lead off your list. 

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