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Who do you want training your team?

A social “influencer?”  Or Jeff and CeCe?

“CeCe and Jeff are engaging, hilarious, and most importantly give great advice that’s actionable and very fast. We can’t wait for the next one!”- Kat Yeh, MBA Candidate at MIT Sloan

meet jeff hoffman

As the creator of the award-winning “Why You? Why You Now?”®, “Social Paradigm”®, and the Basho Strategies sales training program,  Jeff has delivered sold-out presentations to tens of thousands of sales professionals across the world.

He has addressed hundreds of audiences within the Fortune 500 companies and the world’s top business school programs, including Wharton, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Harvard Business School.

Jeff leverages his 25+ years experience at companies like Google and Akamai Technologies into an internationally recognized approach that promotes immediate results among even the most seasoned sales teams.

meet cece aparo

CeCe has dedicated her career to building, optimizing, and training top sales organizations across the United States. Starting her career in sales and marketing, CeCe quickly identified the benchmarks for success in a winning sales program. CeCe spent five years in venture capital where she was responsible for working with portfolio companies on their sales and go-to-market strategy.

CeCe is President and COO at Hoffman, working with corporate clients around the world to master our technique and increase pipeline and revenue. With a deep understanding of the sales process and a passion for the art and science of sales, CeCe delivers training that is tactical, engaging, and meaningful.

Hoffman’s approach to gives and gets has radically improved the way we manage, raised skill levels, and increased sales predictability. Jeff has such a sharp understanding of sales issues that he raises the bar for everyone: our reps, our managers, and our executives – myself included.

Tom Huntington
CFO at Crayon

Everyone in the business world who wants to be successful needs to go through Hoffman’s training– 100%.

Steven Lipner
President at Whartons Dealmaker’s Club

Hoffman gave my team the right tools, control and confidence needed to initiate conversations and move deals toward the result we want.

Brent Jones
Program Manager Sales Training & Enablement

Hoffman is a magician. He captures everyone’s attention and has the uncanny ability to take content and techniques and turn it into something that is exciting, entertaining, and easily transferable into action.

Eric Shoemaker

I find nuggets in 99% of the Tuesdays with Hoffman events. I’m not in traditional sales. So much of the content, is applicable to the fundraising space because it is all about relationships and how you work with the various sponsors/donors/event participants.

Andrea Marlar
Assistant Vice President at Boston Children’s Hospital

Since attending the workshop my income has increased 30%, and the size of my deals nearly doubled.

Mark Vinokur
Enterprise Account Executive

Hoffman has been my go-to for training for over 10 years. Their expertise in unmatched and their level of expertise and innovation is clear. They have a deep knowledge and understanding of the sales process which allows them to deliver a training that is specific to our team, our challenges, and our goals. There is no better training out there.

Dave Peisach
VP of Account Management at Definitive Healthcare

Tuesdays with Hoffman is a meeting I protect on my calendar every week because the insights are actionable, practical, and real. Jeff and CeCe’s conversations always give me value and make me think. Thank you for all that you do!

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