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Enterprise sells with Hoffman.

Because your team’s professional development shouldn’t be a single event.

But it should be something that your team loves.

At Hoffman, we serve your salespeople first.  By making it fast, tactical, and fun.  But also serious.  Created from actual sales experience, practiced at over a dozen top MBA programs around the world, and trusted by thousands of organizations just like yours.

Our unique deal-centric approach to sales training allows you to deliver custom sales education to transform your reps into Closers.

It really works.  Because we actually do it right.  All results 100% Guaranteed.

  • private classes
  • weekly classes
  • practice labs
  • management training
  • the collection
  • deal reviews
  • private library
  • Lead the Deal

Your Complete Sales Enablement Solution

Whether it’s on-boarding your newest salesperson, training an international channel team, or inspiring a culture of coaching, we will have your solution ready for your team on day one. For every aspect of your Sales Enablement unique requirements.

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    Hallmarks | Weekly Live Classes | Custom Curriculum

    At the core of Hoffman is our award-winning content. 

    Direct sales.  International.  Business Development.  Account Management.  Government and Education.  Channel.  Every topic imaginable to support your next learning initiative.  Whenever you need it. Always Jeff and CeCe. 

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    Private Classes | Dedicated Support| Consulting

    A specialized approach designed for special organizations.

    Whether it’s product or person specific application of our techniques in your world or a private class for one role or region,  your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to customize your private curriculum based on your needs as well as any legacy methodologies.

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    Private Labs | 1:1 Coaching | Deal Scoring

    Sales is a contact sport.  So let them practice. 

    By focusing on the sales opportunity itself, our intimate practice labs encourage optimal engagement in your team. From live cold-calling to deal reviews, our practice sessions inspire changes to behavior for every member of your team.



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    Lead the Deal™ | Flexible Licensing | Rep Assessment

    Your leaders are an active element in our approach to training. 

    That is why we developed a program designed specifically for them.  Motivation, inspection, and forecasting techniques appropriate for any stage of your sales manager’s career.  Flexible for your leaders of today.  And preparation for your leaders of tomorrow.

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    Private Library | Closer Collection™| On-site Keynotes

    We know this isn’t your first investment in sales training.  But it will be your last.  Because it sticks. 

    Our hybrid approach of live weekly classes, practice labs, indexed collection of short-form content, private coaching, custom libraries, and in-person events ensure consistent results throughout your entire organization.  That is why we proudly offer the only 100% Money Back Guarantee in the industry.



Let’s do this.

Our Annual Licenses


Our options are designed to fit every size sales organization. 

For massive global sales teams reliant on sophisticated revenue operations, to small cross-functional teams without sales enablement support, we have the appropriate option for you.  

Invest in exactly what your team needs right now as we build your exact solution for the future together. 

Closer for Teams

Starting at $595 per Member

Custom live sales training for teams of 15+

Our annual Teams License awards your team of Closers global access to:

  • Live Weekly classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • Weekly subscription to our “What’s Spinning” Newsletter
  • 24-hr Access to The Closer Collection™
  • The Scorecard® framework
  • Lead the Deal™ Management Training
  • Exclusive Private Class options with Jeff and CeCe
  • Custom curriculum development


Closer for Corporate

Starting at $1,495 per Member

Our complete sales training solution

Our annual Corporate License awards your team global use of EVERYTHING in Closer for Teams PLUS…

  • A branded, on-demand private video library
  • Custom coaching
  • Reporting dashboard
  • A dedicated Slack channel with Hoffman
  • A custom monthly playlist
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Closer for Enterprise

Starting at $1,995 per Member

For any Sales Enablement initiative

Your annual Enterprise License awards your team global use of EVERYTHING in Closer for Corporate PLUS…

  • CRM/LMS integration
  • Custom role-play training videos with your team
  • Live In-Person options with Jeff & CeCe

Ready to be done with this?

Our Practice Areas

For wherever your team is right now. And 30 minutes from now. The Practice of Greater Sales.


Start the Deal™

Why You? Why You Now?®

How do you get engagement immediately?

From outbound to inbound and gatekeepers to early objections, our award-winning Why You? Why You Now?® technique teaches you how to prospect with precision. Cut through the noise and get the response rates your prospecting efforts deserve.

In our Start the Deal™ practice area your team will learn how to:

  • Prospect to the C-suite
  • Avoid the spam filter and gatekeepers
  • Go higher and wider in accounts to multithread opportunities
  • Inspire urgency through your outreach strategy and cadence
  • Handle early objections from buyers
  • Manage and reply to inbound leads, and more.

Work the Deal™

The Perfect Meeting®

How do you manage your opportunities?

By skillfully “managing the moment,” any sales call can reveal the buyer. The Perfect Meeting® technique focuses on the specific words, actions, and behaviors that encourage discovery in a transformative way and set the foundation to every deal.

In our Work the Deal™ practice area your team will learn how to:

  • Conduct powerful discovery in both virtual and in-person 
  • Craft a pitch and close that will resonate with your buyer
  • Conduct executive-level conversations
  • Build demos that build desire and increase commitment
  • Command self-confidence through our Social Value™ technique

Close the Deal™

Gives and Gets®

How do you negotiate?  How do you CLOSE?

Gain the language, skill, and confidence you need to begin negotiating earlier than ever before. Our Gives and Gets® is introduced at the beginning of the journey, you will inspire the deep levels of urgency required to close any deal.

In our Close the Deal™ practice area your team will learn how to:

  • Harness the power of commitment to establish authority
  • Identify points of hidden opportunity in each account and deal
  • Leverage demos, trials, and discounts to your advantage
  • Introduce closing as the center of your pipeline strategy
  • Identify champions, coaches, and power
  • Expertly navigate procurement, legal and the channel.

Lead the Deal™

Sales training sellhoffman


How do ensure forecast accuracy?

Great leaders inspire, not command. Our approach to sales management is designed for your leaders to reach their full potential. By reinforcing best coaching principles and pipeline management principles, we create immediate momentum.

In our Lead the Deal™ practice area your team will learn how to:

  • Drive activity at every stage of the sales funnel
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the on your team
  • Change a rep’s behavior in 30 days 
  • Develop a coaching strategy that level ups every member
  • Run an effective pipeline review
  • Quickly determine the validity of any forecasted deal

Compare the Plans

Whether you’re a solo-seller or the head of a multinational sales force of thousands, Hoffman has a package tailored to deliver what you need.  To understand which offering best suits your business, you can easily compare plans below:

  • Weekly Live Class
  • 24/7 Collection Access
  • The Scorecard
  • Lead The Deal Practice
  • Private Class Options
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Branded Private Library
  • Custom Coaching
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Custom Role-Play Training
  • Live In-Person Options
  • Closer


    per person per year
  • Closer for Teams


    per person per year

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