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Closers sell with Hoffman.

Honest sales training for today’s digital world.

At Hoffman, you are a Member.  And we treat you like one.

So if we don’t like it, we don’t teach it.  No Brady Bunch-style zoom calls.  No “Academies.” No multi-session commitments.  No scripts.  No theory.  No worthless certifications.  No artless sales “coaches.”  No sponsors selling to you (that’s why those webinars are free.)  While we are at it, no webinars either.  

And no unproven or inexperienced trainers.  Ever.

Because we know that the real-world tactical techniques you need will never be delivered at some “sales academy.”  So skip school with Jeff and CeCe, have some fun, and get what you want delivered right to your phone, whenever and wherever you sell.

Three minutes at a time.


So…how much time do you have, Closer?

  • Start the Deal
  • Why You? Why You Now?®
  • Work the Deal
  • The Perfect Meeting®
  • Close the Deal
  • Gives and Gets®
  • Own the Deal
  • Social Paradigms®

Your Closer Membership

What you want to learn. When you want to learn. How you want to learn it. Because your sales class shouldn’t be longer than your next sales call. But our hundreds of classes are just the beginning of what waits for you on your first day of your Closer membership.

Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes

Live weekly classes on every sales topic imaginable.  Always delivered by your hosts,  Jeff and CeCe. No multi-class programs.  And never more than 30 minutes a class.  We think that’s plenty of time.


  • Practice Areas– Curate the content you need aligned to what you want to learn at every stage of the sales process.  What you need, and not a minute more. 
  • Tuesdays with Hoffman™– Enjoy your front-row seat to Jeff and CeCe’s popular live web show where they explore the lighter side of all things sales. 


*Presented in various skill levels for reps of all levels of ability and experience. From green circles to double black diamonds (sorry, Jeff is a skier.)

Closer Collection™

The Closer Collection™ 

Your exclusive resource to all things Hoffman.  Curate custom playlists based on sales question, topic, stage, skill and level.  So you can learn the way you plan to sell.


  • Hoffman Hallmarks™–  The foundation to all of our Hoffman techniques.  The perfect entry point for anyone new (or returning) to sales.  Start here.
  • Hoffman Hacks™– Our catalog of hundreds of classic sales answers for immediate action items, delivered to your phone in moments.  Constantly updated and curated.  Always a minute.
  • Hoffman Hits™– 3-minute video summaries of every 30-minute Hoffman class to reinforce learning when you need us on the go.  You’re welcome.

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Sometimes Closers need special attention.  Members get just that from Hoffman.

  • Close It or Kill It™ Deal Reviews– Live reviews of real deals with Jeff and CeCe selected directly from your personal pipeline.
  • 1:1 Coaching–  When you really want to get serious, enjoy the personal attention of our live coaching sessions with a Hoffman-certified expert.  Never an inexperienced “coach.”
  • Hoffman Closer Community – Share best practices with fellow Closers on our exclusive social channel. Ad, sponsor, and solicitation-free.

The Closer Club™

The Closer Club™

Whether you need a quick Hack, want your deal scored, or plan to deep dive into the psychology of sales, the Closer Club is your ultimate destination for everything you love from Hoffman.


  • Coffee with Closers™– Live access to Jeff and CeCe for daily techniques to support every level of your craft.
  • Scorecard®– Your personal dashboard to expose any strengths or weaknesses of your deal, regardless of stage.
  • Access- Exclusive on demand access to all live and VIP events.

Let’s do this, Closer.

Our Annual Memberships

(You can get started in the next three minutes, you know.)


Starting at $295 per Year

Sometimes just a little is enough

Our annual Student Membership awards you global access to:

  • Live weekly classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • Start, Work, Close, and Own the Deal™ Practice Areas
  • Skill and role specific classes



Starting at $395 per Year

What you need now (or 3 minutes from now)

Our annual Closer Membership awards you global access to:

  • Live weekly classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • Access to Start, Work, Close, and Own the Deal™ practice areas
  • Skill and role specific classes
  • 24-hr Access to The Closer Collection™
  • All Tuesdays with Hoffman™ recordings
  • Access to exclusive Closer Community events
  • Weekly subscription to our “What’s Spinning” Newsletter

Closer for Teams

Starting at $895 per Member

Custom live sales training for teams of 15+

Our annual Teams License awards your team access to:

  • Live weekly classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • The Closer Collection™
  • Lead the Deal™ Management Practice
  • 24-hr Access to Class Library
  • Skill and role specific classes
  • Live deal reviews
  • Exclusive private class options with Jeff and CeCe
  • Achieve your desired results or 100% Money Back Guarantee

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