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Virtual Sales Training

Unlike dated methodologies that corral human behavior into artificial and arbitrary sales stages, our workshops and lectures introduce behavioral changes that allow you to master sales excellence without disrupting the success you currently enjoy.

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There are training packages to fit every size sales organization from one-woman startups to Fortune 50 multinationals.

Whether you need to accelerate your group’s ability in a specific domain or across the board, we have an offering that will get you selling better and faster in no time.

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Take one Hoffman program focused on the aspect of sales you need to improve most.


per person per year

Improve your abilities at every stage of the sales process with live weekly trainings & 24/7 access to The Closer CollectionTM.

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Improve your group’s ability to excel with in-depth and engaging corporate sales training.


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Level-up your entire sales team with custom enterprise sales training curriculum and coaching.

Our programs

Our award-winning core programs are offered LIVE throughout the year at a variety of days and times to suit your schedule and onboarding needs.


Start The Deal

Why You? Why You Now?®

How do you get someone to call you back or reply to your email?

From outbound to inbound and gatekeepers to early objections, our award-winning Why You? Why You Now?® program teaches you how to cut through the noise and get the response rates that your efforts deserve.


work The Deal

Perfect Meeting®

By skillfully “managing the moment,” any sales call can reveal any potential buyer. Our Perfect Meeting® technique allows you to focus on the specific words, actions, and behaviors that encourage discovery in a transformative way and set the stage for you to work every deal.


close The Deal

Gives and Gets®

Gain the language and confidence you need to begin in negotiating earlier than ever before. By introducing the principles of Gives and Gets® at the beginning of the sales journey, you will inspire the deep levels of urgency and commitment you need to advance opportunities to close in your pipeline.

Our delivery

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Your journey with Hoffman begins by enrolling in one of our three core programs:  Start the Deal,™ Work the Deal,™ or Close the Deal.™  After successful completion of any core program, you continue your practice and mastery through our extensive list of workshop and lab offerings.


Each core program consists of two (2) live 75-minute webinars delivered with a playbook distributed to all attendees.  In the core program, you’ll learn the blocking and tackling associated with that technique and leave with the tools you need.  Although many of our students opt to take the entire core series, you can tailor your program to your specific areas of interest.


Our 75-minute workshops dive deep into the nuanced application of the core programs unique to your world. By aligning our workshop topics to the needs of your organization and process, you’ll maximize the power of our programs. These highly interactive custom workshops are built for reps and teams looking to take their practice to the next level.


Practice makes perfect. Our live labs are where your team comes to practice and develop mastery. Coming out of our workshops and programs, your team will receive specific homework and assignments that Hoffman will inspect and coach over the course of your 60-minute lab. Interested in one-on-one coaching or office hours with the Hoffman team? Labs can be easily swapped to provide the clarity your organization needs.

Compare the plans

Whether you’re a solo-seller or the head of a multinational sales force of thousands, Hoffman has a package tailored to deliver what you need.  To understand which offering best suits your business, you can easily compare plans below:

  • Weekly Live Class
  • 24/7 Collection Access
  • The Scorecard
  • Lead The Deal Practice
  • Private Class Options
  • Custom Curriculum
  • Branded Private Library
  • Custom Coaching
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Custom Role-Play Training
  • Live In-Person Options
  • Closer


    per person per year
  • Closer for Teams


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