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Our negotiation and closing training teaches you how to introduce the pillars of negotiation earlier into the sales process than ever before. Our Gives and Gets® technique and Scorecard® are exactly what you need to close deals faster and get predictability in your pipeline.

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What you’ll learn

sales training

When done right, negotiation begins long before conversations around pricing and terms.

In our Close the Deal™ program you will learn how to introduce the pillars of negotiation and the language of closing earlier into the sales process than ever before all the while, inspiring urgency and testing commitment to build momentum on every deal.  And as your closing ratio improves our proprietary Scorecard® will give you the predicability needed to build your pipeline and the data required to forecast with accuracy.

Over the course of our two 60-minute lectures, you will learn how to:

Lecture I

  • Use commitment and consistency to start negotiating
  • Transfer responsibility to your prospect and customers
  • Identify points of leverage in each account and opportunity
  • Use demos, trials, and discounts to your advantage
  • Create a formal negotiation strategy

Lecture II

  • Use closes and metrics to manage your pipeline
  • Identify champions, coaches, and power
  • Expertly navigate procurement and legal
  • Hone in on buying signals at the closing table
  • Activate proven objection handling strategies
Lectures are run monthly and attendees will receive all course materials.

License types

Student License


*Limited time offer; Verification required

If you’re looking to master one slice of the sales funnel, the student ticket is just what you need to sharpen the area you need to improve.

Closer License


Hone your craft at every stage of the sales funnel with our Closer License. With live weekly classes and 24/7 on-demand access to The Closer CollectionTM, you’ll have everything you need to execute.

sales training
sales training

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Hoffman’s approach to gives and gets has radically improved the way we manage, raised skill levels, and increased sales predictability. Jeff has such a sharp understanding of sales issues that he raises the bar for everyone: our reps, our managers, and our executives – myself included.

Tom Huntington
CFO at Crayon

Everyone in the business world who wants to be successful needs to go through Hoffman’s training– 100%.

Steven Lipner
President at Whartons Dealmaker’s Club

Hoffman is a magician. He captures everyone’s attention and has the uncanny ability to take content and techniques and turn it into something that is exciting, entertaining, and easily transferable into action.

Eric Shoemaker

Tuesdays with Hoffman is a meeting I protect on my calendar every week because the insights are actionable, practical, and real. Jeff and CeCe’s conversations always give me value and make me think. Thank you for all that you do!

Business Development Director