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Your New Sales Pitch for the New World

Do you feel like you’re constantly questioning how to best contact your prospects? We’re breaking down the rules of outreach when it comes to calling cell phones, all the way to knowing when to mention you both went to the same college. Jeff and CeCe discuss it all on this week’s episode.

Your sales meeting setlist

Setlists: leave them excited with a take-away after an event. Listen now.

How to buy a house

We are back with Season 2! Listen in!

Your sales MBA!

In Season 2, but we’ll also be joined by industry experts to get their take on your sales challenges, and dive deep on real-life deals so that you can get a better understanding on how to maximize your pipe and current opportunities. 

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Stronger, better, faster – your guide to getting to power

As a rep, you want to get the decision maker as quickly as possible. Most of the time we don’t want to waste our time with someone who won’t have the final say. But how do we get to that person in power? Typically, calling a CEO as the first cold call doesn’t get the job done. And sometimes, reps can get tripped up, or try to ‘sneakily’ ask a prospect for access to the ‘real’ boss… No wonder sales reps get a bad rep! Jeff and CeCe reveal all you need to know about getting to power… the right way. In this episode we’re covering how to ask questions assertively, not aggressively, as well as the best way to navigate through a company’s org chart.

Get that paper – how to get your contacts back faster

Do you have lingering contracts out there? Are you waiting for your prospect to send a proposal back? What is the best way to send your prospect a proposal? As we head toward the end of the quarter, we can sometimes feel like we’re chasing our prospects. Jeff and CeCe answer an email this week about how to get contracts and proposals back FASTER. They’ll cover how you can organize your company’s pricing structure with the necessary steps (ie. rate cards, verbal commitment, proposal, contract), and the best closes to use to get what you want, when you want, from your prospect. 

He's just not that into you:
handling no-shows without losing the deal

Have you ever had a prospect agree to a meeting, and then not show up? Have you considered sending your prospect a ‘breakup email’ to guilt them into getting on the phone with you? Jeff & CeCe break down the rules of following up missed calls, and how to maintain your social value in front of your prospects. You’ll learn how to handle the situation while maintaining your integrity, and how to negotiate for power within the opportunity.

How to craft and deliver a pitch that works

Do you struggle with the right ways to truly explain your company and product in 30 seconds? Do you feel pressure to WOW your prospect with one carefully crafted sentence? Elevator pitches are so much more than a one sentence explanation about how awesome your product/company is. In this week’s episode, Jeff & CeCe explain the true goal of an elevator pitch, and how to deliver an effective and persuasive explanation, without scaring your prospect away from the next call. 

Don't leave me – how to get ahead of customer churn

Customer Success and Account Managers are responsible for managing many different accounts and customer relationships with varying levels of detail. With so many moving parts, it can be hard to recognize when your customers are misaligned with you. This week, Jeff and CeCe dive into what you can do TODAY to prevent your customer from churning, and how to build closes into your customer conversations. They’ll share their tips on identifying the signs that indicate when a customer relationship is in rocky territory, and what you need to do to prevent scenarios where you would need to ‘save’ a customer relationship.

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