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Virtual Sales Training: LIVE

By focusing on technique over method, HOFFMAN’s sales training programs are designed to unleash your full potential by arming you, your sales team, and your managers with the enterprise sales training programs and tools to be successful at every stage of the funnel.

Unlike dated methodologies that corral human behavior into artificial and arbitrary sales stages, our LIVE workshops and courses introduce behavioral changes that allow you to master sales excellence without disrupting the success you currently enjoy.

the Deal.™

How do you get someone to call you back or reply to your email? From outbound to inbound and gatekeepers to early objections, our award-winning Why You? Why You Now?® program teaches you how to cut through the noise and get the response rates that your efforts deserve.

the Deal.™

By skillfully “managing the moment,” any sales call can reveal any potential buyer. Our Perfect Meeting® technique allows you to focus on the specific words, actions, and behaviors that encourage discovery in a transformative way and set the stage for you to work every deal.

the Deal.™

Gain the language and confidence you need to begin negotiating earlier than ever before.  By introducing the principles of Gives & Gets® at the beginning of the sales journey, you will inspire the deep levels of urgency and commitment you need to advance opportunities to close in your pipeline.


Sales is about being genuine, authentic, and strategic in your approach.

And so are we. 

For more than 20 years, HOFFMAN has been the leading industry sales training consultant. We teach the only human-centered approach to sales training. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned industry expert, by yourself or managing a global team, we will improve your ability to start, work, and close the deal.

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HOFFMAN is an innovator and sales visionary. They deliver an authentic experience that keeps salespeople engaged."

- Bret Wilbur, Director of Sales, TriNet

TUESDAYSwith hoffman.

Tuesdays with HOFFMAN is our free webinar series in which Jeff and CeCe answer your questions about perfecting the practice of greater sales.

From cold prospecting and lead generation to objection handling to closing deals with multiple stakeholders and competing bidders, Tuesdays with HOFFMAN is a can’t-miss addition to your ongoing sales development portfolio.

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June 21
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