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Own the Deal™

Sales training that transforms today’s reps into tomorrow’s Closers.

Strategic Sales Training
for Closers, by Closers.

What would your reps accomplish if they knew exactly what to close for at each stage of every deal?

How would their win-rate improve if they were confident in their sales process – and had the skill & finesse to execute?

How would their pipeline & forecast improve if they had an objective system to evaluate each opportunity, so they could focus on the healthiest deals while eliminating tire-kickers?

Whether you’re onboarding a new hire or leveling-up an enterprise team, Hoffman’s Own the Deal™ program introduces behavioral changes to create sales excellence.

Enterprise-level sales training for every role.

For growing organizations, sales doesn’t end with the Closer. Everyone who interacts with a prospect, client, or partner, needs to learn how to build relationships, recognize opportunities, and ask for commitments. With Hoffman’s action-oriented sales training approach, every part of your GTM team – from Channel to Account Management to Alliances to Business Development – can master the skills they need to work together to drive growth across your organization.



Sales Reps

At Hoffman, we have dedicated the past two decades to providing Closers around the world with deal-centric sales training. Leveraging an actionable sales methodology, our enterprise sales training program improves rep’s ability to move any sales opportunity forward from lead to start to close. 

Whether your sales reps are new to the field or seasoned sellers, our effective enterprise sales training program will allow them close with confidence.


Account Management

Account Managers

Winning new customers is wonderful, but the goal is to grow those relationships into bountiful long-term partnerships. To accomplish this, your Account Managers must develop expertise in many similar skills to their peers in sales.

From multi-threading accounts to establishing Social Value, from exchanging Gives and Gets<sup>®</sup> to avoiding gatekeepers, our training programs accelerate the ability of your Account Management team to accomplish incredible upsell and renewal rates.



sellhoffman sellhoffman

Channel Sales

Not all revenue comes through direct means. For those organizations that leverage a vibrant channel ecosystem, Hoffman has you covered. In addition to training your Channel organization on how to coach and inspire their respective partners and how to generate sales opportunities from their client base, we also provide strategies on how to grow new third-party alliances and expand your company’s revenue footprint.



Sales Leaders

Your sales leaders need coaching, too. That’s why we’ve developed a program specifically for them. 

Leadership, change management, pipeline inspection and forecasting are only some of the topics that we cover to ensure that we cover every stage of your sales manager’s career. 

Flexible support for your leaders of today – and essential preparation for your leaders of tomorrow.

Our Annual Memberships

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At Hoffman, you are a Member.  And we treat you like one.

So whether you’re looking for sales training yourself or for your team, we have exactly what you need.  In the very minute you need it.

No more multi-day trainings, cringey bootcamps, or ineffective call scripts. This is a sales training program for the real world and the real human you are.

Closer Membership

$395 per Year

What you need now (or 3 minutes from now)

Our Closer Membership awards you global access to:

  • Live Weekly Classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • Subscription to our Weekly “What’s Spinning” Newsletter
  • Unlimited Access to The Closer Collection™
  • Access to exclusive Closer Community events
  • Our Scorecard® framework

Corporate License

Starting at $1,495 per Member

Our complete sales training solution

Our annual Corporate License awards your team global access to:

  • Live Weekly Classes with Jeff and CeCe
  • Subscription to our Weekly “What’s Spinning” Newsletter
  • Unlimited Access to The Closer Collection™
  • Access to exclusive Closer Community events
  • Our Scorecard® framework
  • Lead the Deal™ Management Training
  • Private Class options
  • Custom curriculum development
  • A branded, on-demand private video library
  • Custom coaching
  • Reporting dashboard
  • 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Tuesdays with Hoffman

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