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Get Bored!

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Get Bored!

Are you still a nervous wreck when making your cold calls? 

Well, you just ain’t bored enough, baby. 

Let me tell you the worst advice I ever got about cold calling: You got to smile and dial. 

No, you don’t – because the last thing anybody wants at the other end of the phone is a highly caffeinated, sugary sales call. It’s an instant turnoff and it’s too easy to get you off the phone. 

The truth is, prospects are diabetics. You can’t give them sugar. So do what I do when I do my cold calling: I do it after four o’clock when I’m exhausted, tired, bored, and want to go home. 

Why? Because that tired, calm voice is going to be a welcome to anyone at the other end of the phone who’s listening to me with their equally tired late day ears.

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