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How Do I Avoid the “anti-Champion”?

Hoffman Hacks

How Do I Avoid the “anti-Champion”?

You ever feel like your deal is getting sabotaged from the inside? Uh oh, you might have inherited an anti-champion. 

We love our champions. We know how hard they fight for us internally. We love ’em so much though that we often forget that the competitor may have one too that’s working as hard to keep us out as we’re working to find a home. 

And be careful – because they rarely identify themselves to us. They’re often quiet, easy to talk to, but generally only live in group settings.

So if you’re fearful that  you might have an anti champion lurking about your deal. Do what I do. Make sure you take a chance to isolate anyone that you meet in a group meeting for at least one, one-on-one session. That way the anti-champion can’t hide and you’ll know what you’re dealing with. 

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