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How Do I Get More Leverage On My Deal?

Hoffman Hacks

How Do I Get More Leverage On My Deal?

Want to keep your customer at the negotiation table a little longer? 

Well get ’em committed. 

One of the most critical elements of negotiation is what’s known as commitment, which states that the longer someone is engaged in a process, the more likely they want to see that process completed. 

So it’s important not only that we’re closing for things that are of real weight at the end of the deal, that we’re also closing for little things early in the deal so that the customer stays committed for a longer period of time. 

So, why not do what I do. 

Not only am I asking for the large things at the end, but I’m asking for cell phone numbers, org charts, and success criteria early in the deal to get them more committed to act, to keep them at the negotiation table as long as possible.

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