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How Do I Handle a Large Customer Meeting?

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How Do I Handle a Large Customer Meeting?

Is that big audience for your next sales call making you nervous? 

Well, your first step is figuring out is this big picture or little picture? 

I found in my career, once they get beyond three people attending my meeting, I always have at least two competing agendas on what people want to learn about. So the larger the meeting, the more different topics that people are going to want to cover. 

So why not do what I do when I start seeing I have a larger meeting than I’m comfortable in having?

I contact my host and determine if is this a big picture or a little picture meeting. Meaning, are the people who are attending the meeting looking for value and benefits and understanding, or are they looking for specific benefits and features? And if the answer is both, why don’t we split ’em up and have two half meetings? 

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