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How Do I Qualify My Customer?

Hoffman Hacks

How Do I Qualify My Customer?

Still not certain if the customer is thinking of buying from you? 

Well, it largely depends on how confused are they.

You know, we think that nodding our head in approval and acknowledgement means we understand, but typically we do that even when we don’t understand things, but we don’t want to appear foolish. 

The truth is, one of the best buying signals is when a prospect asks you to repeat something. It doesn’t mean that what you said was over their heads. It means what you said was interesting enough for them that they want it repeated because they think it might be something they want to pursue. 

Instead of just explaining things if someone wants it repeated, really spend some time on that topic. Find out why they want it repeated, or find out what they thought you might have said. Anyway you slice it, that confusion probably indicates interest.

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