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How do you close a sales meeting? 

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How do you close a sales meeting? 

How do you close a sales meeting? 

Are you struggling with how to close a meeting? Well, remember: one at a time is best.

One of the reasons why ending a sales call can be awkward is we usually wind up listing a long list of things that we want the prospect to do and that we’ll do in response when the meeting is over. And what can feel overwhelming to the prospect and also make it when everything is due. 

So, you want to do remember: only one thing at the end of the meeting, but make it something that they can deliver within hours of the meeting being over. 

That way when they give you that close, they’re starting to work the muscle of quick responses and you’ll be armed at the ready for the next close on the same day. 

Sales is not about making people say yes or no, but rather inspiring urgency where none exists. 

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