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How to Use a “Choice” Close

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How to Use a “Choice” Close

Not certain on how to use a choice close? Well, just remember, you can’t have a dog in the fight. 

Sometimes we deal with people in the sales process that have the power to say no and not really the power to say yes. And when we encourage those people to engage with us, we want to use things like choice closes, which gives the prospect the feeling of authority and power without having them steer towards a no. 

So why don’t you do what I do when I’m encountering folks in procurement, in contracts, in legal, and use closes like, “Do you want the contract to be net 45 or net 60, or should I follow up with you directly to set up the next call or your admin?” By giving the prospect choices where I really don’t care what they choose, as long as they choose one of the two, the prospect feels like they have control while I stay clearly in the yes zone.

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