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How to Use a Doorknob Close

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How to Use a Doorknob Close

Not sure when to use the doorknob close?

Well, remember, it’s just one more thing. 

You know, one of the most disarming and powerful closes is a doorknob close, a close you use at the end of a call or meeting when your hand is on the doorknob, turning it as you leave the moment. It’s powerful because the prospect believes that the moment has already finished with your closing, and this final close is the only thing between them and the meeting being over. 

I wouldn’t use it for an order or for getting to procurement, but I might use it for something like, “Hey, one more thing. Who else are you looking at besides us?” Or, “Hey, one more thing. How can I get a copy of your org chart?” 

A well-positioned doorknob closed at the end of all your calls has an incredible result to them, and don’t be surprised if it carries you to the next stage of your sales cycle.

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