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How to Use a Trial Close

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How to Use a Trial Close

Struggling with figuring out exactly what your customer is interested in? 

Well, it might be time for a trial close

Trial closes, which are contingency closes, “If I do this, will you do that,” are generally fairly weak and rarely work, particularly on large things we want to close for, but they’re incredibly subtle and powerful when we’re looking for interest. 

So next time you’re struggling at that stage of the process, why not do what I do? Use trial closes, like, “Hey, if we were to shift the conversation to be more technical, would you find that interesting?” Or, “If I were to bring a technical consultant with me on the next call, would you find that more compelling to free up your calendar?” 

By closing for interest against the if, you’re far more likely to get engagement and actually discover what it is they want to talk about. 

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