Close the deal.™
Closing the sale training

Gives and Gets®


To master the art and science of negotiation and closing, our Close the Deal.™ program delivers:

  • Two live webinars
  • One custom workshop 
  • One live practice lab
  • All course materials 
  • Recordings
  • Pre-work prep
  • Post-training resources
  • Access to additional workshops and labs


Take your team to the next level with our most complete offering. Whether you have a team of seasoned sales executives or new recruits, they’ll have the toolbox for success.

The Enterprise license includes access to our three core programs:

  • Start the Deal.™
  • Work the Deal.™
  • Close the Deal.™
  • Three custom workshops
  • Three live practice labs
  • All course materials
  • Recordings
  • Pre-work prep
  • Post-training resources
  • Access to additional workshops and labs

Close the Deal.™

In this two-part closing the sale training program, we’ll  examine various closing scenarios to see which closing techniques get deals across the finish line. 

Your team will gain the confidence you need to begin negotiating as early as the first call, inspiring urgency and testing commitment to keep up momentum. 

And as your closing ratio improves, our proprietary Scorecard® will help you easily assess the health of your pipeline.

Webinar I | LIVE

  • Use commitment and consistency to start negotiating
  • Transfer responsibility to your prospect
  • Identify your coach, sponsor, and champion
  • Leverage demos, trials, and discounts
  • Create a formal negotiation strategy

Custom Workshop: 75 minutes

Our custom workshop dives deep into your organization’s unique selling process. Topics include:

  • Avoiding “no decision”
  • Communicating price changes
  • Separating your company from lower-priced competition
  • Avoiding discount dangers
  • Establishing mid-funnel urgency 
  • Forecasting theory and practice
  • Converting buying signs
  • Your bargaining checklist
  • Crafting your negotiation strategy
  • Up-sells and renewals

Webinar II | LIVE

  • Identify buying signals at closing
  • Handle last-minute objections
  • Cleanly distinguish yourself from your competition
  • Leverage your champion to work through procurement



Live Practice Lab: 60 minutes

Our lab will make sure your team knows exactly how to execute. 

Exercises include (but are not limited to):

  • Live Deal Desk
  • Negotiation
  • Deal planning
  • Office hours

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Who is this for?

  • Inside Sales
  • Field Sales
  • National / Strategic Accounts
  • Customer Success / Account Management
  • Account Management 
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Executive Teams
CloudHealth hoffman team close the deal bos ma

HOFFMAN captures everyone’s attention and has the uncanny ability to take content and techniques and turn them into something that is exciting, entertaining, and easily transferable into action.”

–Eric Shoemaker, SVP AMER Sales & Global Projects, CloudHealth Technologies, Inc.

Change one thing

Go time!

One of the biggest misconceptions about sales is that the idea is to get someone to say, “yes.”  While “yes” is a wonderful word in sales, “no” is almost as good. A “no” means that person won’t waste your time and energy on a deal that’s destined for the dustbin.

Great sales is about inspiring urgency, cultivating a bias towards action to address a need.  The need is already there, or they wouldn’t be shopping in the first place. Your job as a salesperson is to help them take action to address it. And everyone is more inclined to take action as the number of their options reduces. Remove the distractions, get to the point, and ask for a decision.

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