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What Is the Best Day to Make Cold Calls?

Hoffman Hacks

What Is the Best Day to Make Cold Calls?

Ever wonder what the best day is to cold call? 

The answer is Friday, not Monday, and I know Friday is when you’re calling. 

Most of us tend to front load our week to the stuff we don’t like. Let’s get our cold calls over with. Unfortunately, it’s true for our buyer as well. The last thing a buyer wants on a dismal Monday morning is an unsolicited cold call. 

Why don’t you reserve your calls to the end of the day and the end of the week? That’s what I do, and I find that by using my Mondays and Tuesdays to prep, research, and write the call scripts I’m going to use, then I can spend all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday making those calls, and I’m going to be greeted by someone who’s not as busy, who’s a little bit tired and maybe a little more friendly. I know I am on Fridays. Why don’t you give it a try? 

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