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When is the Best Time to Send My Email?

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When is the Best Time to Send My Email?

Ever wonder when the best time of day is to send an email? 

The answer is between five minutes of and five minutes after every hour. 

Why is that? Well, think about it. Those 10 minutes are exactly the 10 minutes that people are spending their time doing what? Going to meetings and leaving other meetings. The number one place people look down at their phone and check their email. 

Why do I reserve my cold calling for the top 10 minutes of every hour on the clock? Because I want to improve my odds of being in the top seven emails in their inbox. That’s the magic number. If you become the eighth email in their inbox, you will statistically never be read. 

People look at up to seven emails at a time before they leave their email and look at something else. I’ve got to be in the top seven and so do you. If all you do is change your timing of your emails, you could see significant improvement in open and conversion rates.

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