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Wishy-Washy Customers

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Wishy-Washy Customers

Do you ever get frustrated with a lot of wishy-washy answers from your customers? Well, let’s take some advice from the band Heart and “even it up.” 

The truth is that our customers work very hard to not reveal intention to us. Why? Because to reveal intention to a sales rep is inviting that sales rep to persuade or influence. So customers like to keep things close to the vest, and that’s why they prefer the porridge that Goldilocks chose: the middle one, because the middle one doesn’t really show where my intention is. 

Fact is, the middle lane for customers is “no decision lane.” 

So why not do what I do if I’m stuck with a customer who’s being wishy-washy and non-committal? Give them an even number of choices. That way there is no middle. And whatever they pick will at least lean toward one direction.

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