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How Can I Quickly Build Rapport?

Hoffman Hacks

How Can I Quickly Build Rapport?

You’re looking for a quick way to strengthen your relationship with your customers? Well get up and sit somewhere else for a moment. 

You know, I talk to my friends all the time, and I don’t just talk to them on email. I talk to ’em on email. I talk to them through social. I talk to them in text. I talk to them on Slack. I talk to ’em on the phone. You get the idea.

So if I’ve got a real relationship with someone with multiple ways of talking, why would I limit myself with a customer to just one? 

If you’ve been emailing your customer a lot, stop emailing ’em and start calling ’em. Talking to them too much? Get on Zoom. On Zoom too much? Try texting.

By shaking up the vehicles that we communicate through to our customers, we give the impression that our relationship is more significant than it actually may be.

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