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How Do I Get An Org Chart?

Hoffman Hacks

How Do I Get An Org Chart?

Still not certain that your customer has the requisite power to close? 

Well, the answer might be right on their desktop. 

We talk a lot about org charts and their ability to help us navigate and steer through complicated organizations and complicated deals, but there’s a hidden advantage in closing for an org chart: not everybody has one. 

In fact, the only people in a company that have ready access to an org chart on their desktop would be someone who’s doing the hiring and firing and budgetary planning that would require an org chart to be on their desktop. And that sounds like someone with power. 

So why not do what I do early in the opportunity? Ask your prospect to send you a copy of their org chart. If they refuse or they take too long to respond, that might be an indication that they don’t even have access to an org chart to send you.

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