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How Many Emails Should I Send?

Hoffman Hacks

How Many Emails Should I Send?

Ever wonder how many emails you should send before you just completely give up? 

The answer is five. 

And don’t take it from me. Take it from sales and marketing management, when they published a report a number of years ago that show that 80% of all significant deals for Fortune 500 companies start with a minimum of five cold call attempts. 

Instead of writing an email, waiting for a response, writing the second, waiting for a response, why not write all five at once? That’s what I do. That way I can build up ahead of steam knowing full well that the fourth email is a lot faster to write than the first one. I can stay on that website. I can find the triggers I want. I can build it the way I want. I can make the little changes and nuances, the change my closes, whatever it is. 

Write five emails, send one, and then if I don’t get a response in a few days, the second one’s already written, so just send. Third one’s already written, just send. I find that all that investment on a Monday pays off magnificently by Friday. 

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