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The Team license includes:

  • Our Work the Deal.™ program
  • Two live webinars
  • One custom workshop
  • One live practice lab
  • All course materials
  • Recordings
  • Pre-work prep
  • Post-training resources
  • Access to additional workshops and labs


Take your team to the next level with our most complete offering. Whether you have a team of seasoned sales executives or new recruits, they’ll have the toolbox for success.

The Enterprise license includes access to our three core programs:

  • Start the Deal.™
  • Work the Deal.™
  • Close the Deal.™
  • Three custom workshops
  • Three live practice labs
  • All course materials
  • Recordings
  • Pre-work prep
  • Post-training resources
  • Access to additional workshops and labs

Work the Deal.™

In this sales negotiation training program, you’ll learn to frame opportunities, qualify buyers, and smoothly handle objections.

Build momentum mid-deal and advance opportunities with Social Paradigms that sidestep negative buyer-seller dynamics. Focus on discovery and maintain control of every deal. 

Webinar I | LIVE

  • Leverage Social Paradigms™ to accelerate sales
  • Organize meetings to gather critical information in sequence
  • Craft a resonant pitch and close
  • Establish urgency early

Custom Workshop: 75 minutes

Our custom workshop dives deep into your organization’s unique selling process. Topics include:

  • Social paradigms and authority
  • Language that persuades
  • Building social value with CxO’s
  • Establishing urgency 
  • The art of the video call
  • Handling every type of objection
  • Leading with value over cost
  • NLP and social dynamics
  • Effective trial closes with demos
  • When to use open, closed, pain, and pleasure questions

Webinar II  | LIVE

  • Own every meeting’s agenda
  • Identify the prospect’s motivation
  • Use the most persuasive language
  • Overcome mid-funnel and product-specific objections
  • Manage deal “turbulence”

Live Practice Lab: 60 minutes

Our lab will ensure your team knows exactly how to execute. 

Lab exercises include:

  • Effective introductions
  • Meeting prep that pays
  • Deal reviews
  • Office hours

For a calendar of all our upcoming sales training programs.

Who is this for?

  • Inside Sales
  • Field Sales
  • National / Strategic Accounts
  • Customer Success / Account Management
  • Account Management 
  • Executive Teams
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I would recommend – and have recommended – HOFFMAN to colleagues and peers due to the immediate impact of the training we’ve experienced.”

–Michael Silinonte, Direct Sales Manager, Formlabs Inc.

change one thingDoes it hurt?

Many sales methods focus on identifying the buyer’s “pain points” and emphasizing how your product or service can make the pain go away.  That’s helpful – but only if they’re shopping for pain relief.

The best buyers aren’t trying to solve a problem, they’re seeking to fulfill an aspirational sense of who they are.  These customers delight in their identity. They take great pleasure in supporting it with relevant purchases.  Said another way: they’re not shopping to alleviate pain, they’re shopping to acquire pleasure.

Importantly, the techniques that influence one group are worse than ineffective on the other – they backfire completely.  Effective sales starts with knowing what your buyer is really looking for – and helping them get it.

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