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sales training

Discover a better way to run discovery calls and build momentum in the middle of your pipeline. In this livestreamed program you will learn our Perfect Meeting® framework designed to inspire urgency, qualify buyers, and smoothly handle objections so you maintain control of 
every deal.

Train My Team

What you’ll learn

sales training

Statistically most deals die after the first meeting– So what are you going to do about it?

In this discovery training, your reps will learn how to run meetings that are designed to get to the heart of why your buyers buy and your customers renew. Desire. By restructuring the order of your questions and embracing Social Paradigm® your team will learn how to side-step negative buyer-seller dynamics and build urgency on every deal.

Here’s a sample agenda:

Step 1

Lecture I – LIVE

In our live-lectures your team will learn how to:

  • Run best-in-class discovery calls and sales meetings
  • Leverage Social Paradigm® to accelerate their deals
  • Organize meetings to gather information in the right order
  • Craft a pitch and close that will resonate with buyers
  • Establish urgency early in the sales process

Step 2

Lecture II – LIVE

In our live-lectures your team will learn how to:

  • Drive every meeting to a close
  • Identify prospect’s motivation and needs
  • Use closes that build desire and increase commitment
  • Even the playing field through Social Value™
  • Manage deal “turbulence” and surprises that come with remote and in-person sales

Step 3


Our custom workshops are designed to address the specific needs and selling style of your unique organization. Deep dive into the topics and tactics tailored to your buyers, vertical, and offering. Workshop topics include:

  • Perfect Meeting®: Vertical specific questions
  • Selling Virtually: The art of the video sales call
  • Selling to pain and pleasure
  • Objection handling 201

License types

Whether you’re looking for your team to master one slice of the sales funnel or to arm them with the tools they need at every stage of the sales and post-sales process, HOFFMAN has you covered.

Our Team and Enterprise Licenses are designed to address the specific needs of your sales organization.

Hoffman’s approach to gives and gets has radically improved the way we manage, raised skill levels, and increased sales predictability. Jeff has such a sharp understanding of sales issues that he raises the bar for everyone: our reps, our managers, and our executives – myself included.

Tom Huntington
CFO at Crayon