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Why You? Why YOU Now?®


In this livestreamed prospecting program you will learn how to cut through the noise and get the responses you are looking for at the top of your funnel. Our Why You? Why You Now?® approach will transform the way you cold-call buyers and multi-thread accounts.

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What you’ll learn

sales training

There’s a better way to prospect– Have you learned it yet?

In this two-part training, you will gain the insights and techniques you need to fill your inbox with positive responses from your outbound efforts. Whether you’re a BDR or sales rep building your pipeline or an account manager responsible for identifying upsell or cross-sell opportunities, we have the tactics and hacks you need to increase conversion rates on every email and cold call.

Over the course of our two 60-minute lectures, you will learn how to:

Lecture I

  • Get C-level responses in 30 seconds
  • Write emails that fit on the screen of a smart phone
  • Avoid the spam filter through these simple prospecting hacks
  • Reframe your outreach with triggers and Social Paradigm®
  • Go higher and wider in accounts to better multithread opportunities
  • Inspire urgency through your outreach

Lecture II

  • Craft compelling voicemails that get a response
  • Handle early objections from buyers
  • Expertly navigate gatekeepers and executive assistants
  • Manage and reply to inbound leads
  • Create a touchpoint model that strategically boosts your response rates
Lectures are run monthly and attendees will receive all course materials.

License types

Whether you’re looking to master one slice of the sales funnel or to arm yourself with the tools you need at every stage of the sales and post-sales process, sellHOFFMAN has you covered.

Our Student and Closer Licenses are designed to address the specific needs of your sales organization.

sales training
sales training

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Hoffman’s approach to gives and gets has radically improved the way we manage, raised skill levels, and increased sales predictability. Jeff has such a sharp understanding of sales issues that he raises the bar for everyone: our reps, our managers, and our executives – myself included.

Tom Huntington
CFO at Crayon

Everyone in the business world who wants to be successful needs to go through Hoffman’s training– 100%.

Steven Lipner
President at Whartons Dealmaker’s Club

Hoffman is a magician. He captures everyone’s attention and has the uncanny ability to take content and techniques and turn it into something that is exciting, entertaining, and easily transferable into action.

Eric Shoemaker

Tuesdays with Hoffman is a meeting I protect on my calendar every week because the insights are actionable, practical, and real. Jeff and CeCe’s conversations always give me value and make me think. Thank you for all that you do!

Business Development Director